Red dessert apples on tree in orchard at South Yeo Farm West



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Washing apples before processing on the Apple and Cider day smallholder training course

Who would benefit from this course?

Do you have an orchard or a few fruit trees and are unsure how to make the best of your produce? Are you wondering what to do with that fruit glut and how to make the best of what’s growing on your land? Do you want to produce your own juice, ciders, vinegars, jams and chutneys?

Course Content

This one day course is very hands on – we will investigate the orchard and its trees, looking at planting and layout and protecting the trees to allow orchard grazing.  We will pick, mill and press apples and make juice and learn how to make cider and cider vinegar and you will be able to take home some of your juice to remind you of your day. We will look at methods of preserving and the equipment you need to do this in your own kitchen.  We aim to leave you feeling confident in making the best of your orchard fruit.

Our orchard is just under two acres with seventy fruit trees of various ages, from mature standard trees of between 70 and 100 years old, to youngsters planted in 2006. We have a bountiful mix of cider, culinary and dessert apples, plums, gages and damsons, medlars, mulberries, pears and cherries. Many of the trees are traditional Devon varieties such as the Ice Apple, Quench, Devon Crimson Queen, Oaken Pin, Landkey Yellow gage and Dittisham damson


10.00 Introductions

  • What do you want to achieve from your orchard?
  • In the orchard: planting, layout, protection, grazing
  • Tools and equipment for juicing, cider making, chutneys and jams
  • Picking fruit
  • Lunch
  • Milling and pressing – single varieties and blends
  • Making cider, vinegar, preserving, freezing and pasteurising
  • Cream tea and Q+A. Sourcing trees and picking up on all those questions you really want answers to

4.45 Feedback and finish


Cost: £130 per person including our comprehensive handouts, homemade lunch, Devon cream tea and refreshments.

Saturday 12 October 2024
Saturday 11 October 2025

Booking: Booking is simple. Just send us your name, address, phone number and email address indicating which course you want to book with your preferred date, and we’ll send you an invoice (payment is required in advance), directions to the farm and any other information you might need. And don’t forget to tell us if you have any dietary restrictions.

Accommodation: For those of you travelling some distance, we don’t provide overnight accommodation on the farm but you’ll find some lovely options close by, ranging from B&Bs to camp sites and seriously luxurious treats here.

Do bring: outdoor clothes, clean wellies, waterproofs and a change of clothes if it looks like rain. There’s quite a lot of water involved in pressing for juice and cider!

Apple tree in orchard at South Yeo Farm West
Making cider at South Yeo Farm West on the apple and cider day course
Pressing apples on the apple and cider day at South Yeo Farm West

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