We write comprehensive handouts for all our courses for you to take away and refer to (and you do, because you tell us how useful they are, even years after you’ve been on the course), but you might like to enhance your home reference library.  We have amassed a huge number of books about caring for livestock and other smallholding and farming related topics; some we return to again and again, and we list them below.

Debbie’s books Keeping Ducks and Geese – A Practical Guide (November 2021) and Keeping Goats – A Practical Guide (May 2022) are both published by The Crowood Press. She has been commissioned to write The Complete Guide to Smallholding which should be out in 2023.  You can buy them direct from us (see below), or from The Crowood Press, bookshops and the usual online retailers.

Debbie’s Books

Keeping Ducks and Geese – A Practical Guide is stuffed with all the things we’ve learned about how to keep and look after these great birds (good and bad) in our thirty plus years of having them.  It covers the legal stuff, choosing breeds and bringing them home, housing and fencing, nutrition, breeding and hatching, health and welfare, security and pest control, dispatching, raising for meat, using for craft and even some favourite and unusual recipes.  Rammed with our own colour photos (those of you who have been to the farm will recognise all kinds of things) and by other brilliant keepers from all over the place, it also includes information on 80 breeds of ducks and geese to be found in the UK.  I’ve been lucky enough to be able to include wonderful historic black and white photographs by James Ravilious too, my favourite photographer, thanks to Beaford Archive.  192 page hardback with 290 photos.

Keeping Goats – A Practical Guide is full of information and practical advice, invaluable for anyone thinking about keeping goats, for those who have recently acquired goats, and the more experienced keeper. It provides everything you need to know including: legal requirements; land, fencing, housing and equipment; the breeds that will suit you best and acquiring your goats. There is information on year-round husbandry tasks; feeding and nutrition; health and welfare and breeding and kidding and detailed guidance is given on dairying, raising for meat and other ways to make the most of your goats. The book includes a comprehensive guide to over 80 goat breeds.  In addition to the many colour photographs there are captivating historic black and white images by James Ravilious, thanks to Beaford Archive. 224 page hardback with 400 photographs and diagrams.


Keeping Ducks and Geese: “With a wealth of information for anyone with an interest in keeping ducks and geese, it is full of sensible advice; essential reading to enable the new keeper to get it right from the start”. British Waterfowl Association
Keeping Goats: “Finally, an up to date reference book for goat keeping.  This book covers every possible topic you need to know about goats, goat breeds and goat keeping. I can see it becoming an essential part of every goat keeper’s reference library. I highly recommend it to anyone new to goat keeping or thinking about keeping goats. It is also useful for experienced goat keepers, covering topics relevant to the 21st Century United Kingdom and has found a worthy place on my book shelf, even though I have kept goats for over a decade”. Jo Tavernor, English Goat Breeders Association

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