We have written comprehensive handouts for all our courses for you to take away and refer to (and you do, because you tell us how useful they are, even years after you’ve been on the course), but you might like to enhance your home reference library too.  Over the years we have amassed a huge number of books about caring for livestock and other smallholding and farming related topics (from breadmaking to orchard management, livestock husbandry of every kind,  to hedge management, cheesemaking, beekeeping, cidermaking, fencing, welding, building cob ovens and cooking with meat, veg and fruit and more besides).  Some we return to again and again, and we list them here.  We hope you get as much information and pleasure from them as we have. Please allow a moment or two for the booklist to appear.  Debbie’s book, Keeping Ducks and Geese – A Practical Guide is due to be published by The Crowood Press in October 2021, and a further title in 2022.