A field of sheep at South Yeo Farm West during a smallholder training course


What you say about our training days

“I wouldn’t change a thing about the course; it was perfect.”


“Since the weekend I have felt quite different, as though things have shifted towards a future I hadn’t expected but somewhere in my mind  and soul have always wanted. It was a really wonderful weekend. I learnt so much and have been spouting bits of information at my family whenever I get the chance. As you say there was A LOT to take in but the way you talked and taught was gentle and inclusive and never patronising. I will of course let you know how things go here on our little farm and I hope you don’t mind if I send off questions to you along the way.” CMS, Sussex
“Wonderful! I had an amazing time and now I can’t wait to get on with our dream.”

“One of the best things I have ever done. I feel privileged to have been a part of it”
“Best weekend ever. Thank you so much for being so helpful, flexible and friendly. We absolutely loved it.”
“As I drove home, I reflected that I have never been on a course before which has simultaneously satisfied the body, the mind and the soul – thank you.”
“It was wonderful. Thank you!”
“A brilliant springboard for us to shape our future plans and see what’s possible and what appeals to us.”
“We have been meaning to email you as we wanted to say thanks again. We have been discussing our smallholding plans every moment that we can and, each time we do, we realise how much we learnt on our weekend with you. It really was amazing how much you packed into the weekend! Catching and holding the badger faced lambs was a particular treat. Our weekend in Devon confirmed for us that we really want to pursue our smallholding/self-sufficiency dream.”
“We were so enthused and inspired by our weekend with you both, that we have gone for an 11 acre smallholding!!”
“I wasn’t particularly interested in having sheep, but their nature and Debbie’s passion shed new light and now I’ll look into having a local sheep breed.”
“I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful weekend. It was so informative and I have come home feeling so relaxed and yet have a head buzzing with ideas.”
“Thank you for a thoroughly enlightening, well structured and enjoyable course. I guess you could tell I loved every minute of it.”
“We’ve had a delightful weekend; it’s been really useful and interesting. It’s made the dream feel so much more within reach.”
“Debbie & Andrew, thank you for your honesty, enthusiasm and passion, for sharing your home, knowledge and skills so generously, and for giving me the most inspiring experience (possibly/probably life-changing).”
“5 star in every way.”
“Thanks again to you both for the brilliant course, hospitality, lovely food, and sourdough starter – a real bonus! The course was brilliant and I had a great day, I’m now looking forward to building my own oven. Look forward to seeing you both again some time!”
“Thank you so much Debbie and Andrew for such an amazing honest and informative weekend. You have such a beautiful home, we will be over the moon if our smallholding is even half as successful and beautiful as yours. Thanks again for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us.” T&A C, Hove
“Excellent course..the second one I’ve attended so I was aware of the quality of materials and teaching. Completely delivered – a deeper understanding of what’s involved in sheep keeping and a good mix of practical and theory. Very engaging amd highly informative”. RJ, Cornwall


“What a fantastic weekend. Best thing I’ve done in a long long time. You are wonderful hosts – you have the ability to put people at ease whilst imparting your vast knowledge. I learned so much in such a short time and I am missing your kitchen very much! For those that want the ground truth, good and bad, behind their smallholding dreams, I absolutely recommend this course. Thank you very much” DH, Cambs.
“Many thanks for the course you ran a few weeks back, [we] agreed it was the best course we’d attended and wish there was more on offer like that. We’re far from experts but often find that courses for smallholders are a little basic – well done you for getting it right!!”
“Thanks SO much, both of you! The course was everything I hoped for and much much more!”
“It was highly informative, seeing what’s possible, being done in a very responsible way”.
“We really enjoyed our time with you; it was absolutely brilliant to get candid answers on subjects (particularly money issues!) where people are usually a bit reticent.”
“It was great to get an overview of smallholding and to see it in practice”
“We are pleased to have gained practical advice from folks who do it every day. Much better than dry advice from a book.”
“It has given me a real insight into the practicalities of keeping animals and will help us with our decisions for purchase”.
“Answered many questions I didn’t know I had!”
“Very wide range of topics covered with lots of opportunity for discussion and questions. Two day format gave the opportunity to think about what we needed to ask.”
“It was a good, well rounded introduction worth doing, gave good peace of mind to know that I could do smallholding and what is involved.”
“Really enjoyed the course and found it of great value.”
“It absolutely delivered what we hoped for and more; we’d been nervous it would be for pros and over our heads.”
“Fantastic course providing experience/knowledge over and about what would be gained on an agricultural college course.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, and the amount of knowledge and experience you both have and are able to impart in such an engaging manner, has been totally Inspirational. Fabulous!!”
“The notes are superb, real added value.”
“The [cattle] course was very informative and was structured in such a way that all aspects of cattle farming are covered, from ear tagging, getting a passport, vaccinating, behaviours and handling the cattle, feeding, muck management, setting up the shed, de-worming, fencing, structuring the farm within the available resources, up to breeding calves. The venue, the course material and the food was superb. The course has given me ample courage and a positive attitude to go forward with my future plans.”
“A real insight into having a smallholding and very honest.”
“Excellent handouts – far more in depth than I expected.”
“An amazing course with lots of relevant content.”
“Fantastic course, really interesting and a lot done in two days.”


“Fantastic venue, you should both be thrilled and proud, excellent catering and was lovely to see you both work so well as a team.”
“Beautiful setting. You cannot imagine my delight at walking into your kitchen to see a Bernese Mountain Dog, which is part of our dream.”
“The farm is fantastic, interesting and so varied/diverse!”
“Brilliant. I love the farmhouse, the fact the food was home-made from produce, the training room was well equipped and as for the dogs…well, I love them!”
“The venue is amazing. We hope that one day we will be lucky enough to own anything as nice as this.”
“Lovely!! Great cake!”
“Excellent location and lovely food”.
“Superb – couldn’t have been better”
“Wonderful venue – very homely and welcoming.”
“I want to move in!”
“Amazing inspirational setting and top notch food (and cider!).
“I can’t remember when I ate so well”.
“Catering and venue both excellent and exceeded expectations.”


“We feel so lucky to have found this course and meet such lovely hosts who are happy to share secrets of smallholding and are so down to earth; would highly recommend to anyone interested in or about to start smallholding.”
“Debbie and Andrew are both incredibly knowledgeable and happy to share any info/experience.”
“Really warm, friendly and welcoming, lovely hosts.”
“It was very well run and very informative. Thank you.”
“The course was well planned and well thought out.”
“Easy to ask questions and always great answers; you can’t do better than tapping in to experience.”
“Excellent handling of questions as they arose.”
“You are doing a great job.”
“Lovely couple, allowed the group to interact and handled any questions…perfect weekend.”
“Fantastic hosts and fantastic teachers.”
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